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Facials & Body Treatments

NEW Foot Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology is a ancient natural healing art. It activates the healing responses of the body through reflexes in the foot. Stimulation of these reflexes on the foot carry messages are carried along natural pathways to corresponding body parts. This creates a state of balance & normal functioning of the body. The end of the session is complimented with a foot massage to finish off the treatment.

Time Cost
90 Minutes $75.00

Non-Surgical Facelift

The Renaissance Myo-Facial System provides a unique rehabilitation program designed to reprogram the muscles back to a supple and youthful resilience and tones. It uses bio-electric impulses to the skin cells and muscles. One of the major causes of abnormal fixed lines on the face (premature aging) is the development of micro-muscle spasms and atrophied muscle fibres within the expression controlling muscles of the face. Over time, these muscles remain tense and contracted, causing the formation of wrinkles.

  • Facial steaming to open the pores and warm the facial muscles
  • Ear clips to provide a deep relaxation allowing the skin to further loosen and soften tension lines
  • The bio-electric probe is moved over your face, neck and chest area, draining the lymph vessels, treating puffiness under the eyes as well as refining the jaw line and eliminating toxins. The muscles are reprogrammed back to a supple, more youthful resilience and tone

12 - 15 treatments required. Can be done as often as 2-3 time a week.

Time Cost
90 Minutes $95.00
3 (90 Minute) Package $270.00
There are packages available

Skin & Body Care Line (Women & Men)

France Laure product line has unique products from natural elements, with maxium concentrations of active ingredients for both the face and body. Not tested on animals. Made in Quebec, Canada, created in 1970 and contains no parabens, colouring or mineral oil.

With categories created according to ones needs or can be combined together to provide the necessary flexibility.

Time Cost
Facial 90 Minutes $95.00

Ion Foot Detox Cleanse

Wake up and smell the pollution!

Toxic Symptoms:
Fatigue, headaches, acne, indigestion, irritability, tired puffy eyes, water retention, dark circles under eye, acidic system, muscle or joint aches, skin rashes.

Feel energized, enhance the immune system, look younger, alkaline system, clear up acne.

Ion Foot Detox Cleanse is safe and easy. You will relax and soak your feet in warm water which is rich in ions. During these sessions the ions are absorbed through thousands of pores in your feet. Your system releases stored toxins.

Time Cost
30 Minutes $60.00
Packages Set of 6 $300.00

Back Cleansing Treatment

This treatment thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates those hard to reach places on your back, followed by mask and massage.

Time Cost
60 Minutes $70.00

Biotone Rose Mud Body Wrap & Scrub

Enjoy a complete body scrub and application of all natural body wrap skin treatment. You are wrapped in a special heated body wrap blanket and moisturized with special body cream after the treatment.

Nourishes, moisturizes, heals, replenishes the skin

Time Cost
75 Minutes $110.00
Combine body wrap/massage $190.00

Ear Candling

A special organic tapered candle is placed in the ear and the other end is lit. While the candle is burning, the flame creates a vacuum which helps in the removal of wax.

The face and neck are protected with a special large plate.

Other indications:
Allergies, earaches, balance disorders, migraines, sinus problems, ringing in the ears, hearing loss or wax build up and excellent for recurring ear infections

Time Cost
45-60 Minutes $65.00
Packages Available

Manicures And Pedicures


Includes hand soak, cuticle treatment, hand and forearm massage, and polish.

Time Cost
45 Minutes $20.00


Our extra special pedicure service includes soaking, cuticle treatment, removal of hard calluses and corns, foot and leg massage, and a polish is applied.

It leaves tired and sore feet with a relaxed and invigorated feeling.

Time Cost
75 Minutes $40.00


Area Cost
Eyebrows $10.00 +
Underarms $15.00 +
Upper Lip $8.00 +
Chin $7.00 +
Full Leg + Bikini $45.00 +
Half Leg $25.00 +
Brow and Lip $15.00 +
Chin and Lip $12.00 +
Chin and Neck $15.00 +
Brow ,Chin and Lip $15.00 +
Back $25.00 +
Chest $20.00 +
Bikini $20.00 +
Brazilian $45.00 +

Private In-Home Service = $10.00 +

24 Hour cancellation required on all services